Find a high quality Acrylic Sheet manufacturer and supplier guide, with a factory in Shop the best guide of Acrylic Sheet, you need to know about the highest quality of manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, and distributor from a factory in Tue, 18 Sep 2018 00:48:12 -0600 PVC Book Covers <img src='productpic/ps_8juk1519347565.jpg' /><br>PVC sheet for stationery<br /> These PVC sheets are produced in opaque colors. They are applicable in the manufacturing of stationery items, book covers, binder and more. The PVC sheets are lightweight, durable and waterproof, non-deformable.<br /> Thickness: 0.15mm-0.40mm<br /> Width: 91cm-150cm or sizes can be customized<br /> Color: same as our sample or customizable PVC Book Covers PVC Book Covers <img src='productpic/ps_hnoc1519347625.jpg' /><br>PVC sheet for stationery<br /> The sheet also has well aging resistance, and reliable insularity.<br /> Thickness: 0.15mm-0.40mm<br /> Width: 91cm-150cm or buyer's request<br /> Color: As per buyer's request<span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> PVC Book Covers Flexible PVC Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_xc111519347793.JPG' /><br>PVC Orange Peel sheet<br /> Advantage: uniform thickness, accurate size, high clarity, waterproof, good flatness<br /> Thickness: 0.10mm above<br /> Width: 91cm-150cm<br /> Surface: glass clear<br /> Application: stationery material (e.g. folder, book cover, binding cover, for liner of notebook or binder) Flexible PVC Sheet Tinted PVC Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_y4031519347841.JPG' /><br>PVC patent sheet<br /> PVC sheet is a flat UV stabilized PVC sheet, which is easily formed and processed and is ideal for a wide variety of applications. And has anti-static, anti-UV, anti-sticky, and strength performance.<br /> Colors: white, grey, black, any color as pantone or customers’ option.<br /> Packing: face to face lamination Tinted PVC Sheet PVC Sheet For Liner <img src='productpic/ps_c7rc1519347891.JPG' /><br>PVC sheet for liner<br /> These are not only uniform thickness, but also easy to High frequency welding. <br /> PVC liner will have a life of many years or more.<br /> Popular thickness: 0.10mm~ 0.20mm<br /> Width: 91cm-183c PVC Sheet For Liner Clear PVC Sheet Roll <img src='productpic/ps_dca01519347990.jpg' /><br>PVC soft clear sheet<br /> Double polish clear PVC sheet<br /> Type: for dust-proof products, PVC curtain, PVC soft sheet, stationery, cosmetic bag<br /> Thickness: 0.10mm above<br /> Popular Width: 91cm -183cm for 0.5mm below<br /> Max width: 54' for 0.501mm-10mm<br /> Clear PVC Sheet Roll PVC Roll Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_zbex1519348059.jpg' /><br>PVC soft clear sheet<br /> A very durable material. Uniform thickness, excellent strength, standardized size.<br /> non phthalate,flame retardant, cold resistance, cold crack, mildew resistance are optional.<br /> Color: transparent clear<br /> Grade: normal clear or super clear<br /> PVC Roll Sheet PVC Transparent Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_o091519348425.jpg' /><br>PVC super clear<br /> Excellent clarity without flow marks/water waves and fish eyes, <br /> Thickness: 0.15mm above maximum: 10mm<br /> Softness: 30-60phr<br /> Width: 137cm maximum<br /> Flame retardant, cold resistance, mildew resistance, Phthalate free are optional<br /> Application: windows of tent and Jeep, covers, curtains. Strip doors for refrigeration industry, temperature/humidity control, contamination prevention in various field. PVC Transparent Sheet PVC Blister <img src='productpic/ps_uj5z1519348560.jpg' /><br>PVC rigid clear for pharmacy<br /> Characteristic:<br /> Non-toxic, Non poison, Non smell, Non pollution<br /> Surface luster, high transparency <br /> Easy to process molding.<br /> The product can be widely used for drug (tablet, capsule, oral liquid, suppositories, pills, etc.) of blister packaging, high food (candy class) and so on packing. PVC Blister PVC Blister Packaging <img src='productpic/ps_5cmw1519348617.JPG' /><br>PVC rigid clear for pharmacy<br /> Characteristics: PVC packaging film is a packaging material manufactured by rolling with the characteristics of high luster, high transparency, non-toxic, aseptic, and good barrier resistance.<br /> Application: The product is widely used as visual packing of pharmaceutical products, foods, etc. PVC Blister Packaging Clear PVC Boxes <img src='productpic/ps_nuk21519348685.jpg' /><br>PVC rigid clear for box folding<br /> These boxes are available in distinct shapes, sizes. We fabricate them as per requirement of clients to facilitate their needs. The PVC boxes are durable and provide an excellent packing, decoration, storage. They are also have strict QC for each item. Clear PVC Boxes PVC Packing <img src='productpic/ps_dmvp1519349256.jpg' /><br>PVC rigid clear sheet for food packing<br /> Made from PVC material, vacuum form the plastic to the egg shape. Its pure transparent, solid, eco-friendly, size be accurate.<br /> An egg is fragile so the packaging should be solid, it performs well in transportation test and pressure resistance test. PVC Packing PVC Vacuum Forming <img src='productpic/ps_rvlx1519349392.jpg' /><br>PVC rigid clear sheet for vacuum forming<br /> It is cost-effective, transparent, tough and safe.PVC Packing Sheet is a material manufactured by rolling with the characteristics of high luster, high transparency, and non-toxic performance.<br /> It is cost-effective, transparent, tough and safe. <br /> Widely used in the fields of package etc. PVC Vacuum Forming Packing PVC <img src='productpic/ps_ehy91519349483.jpg' /><br>PVC rigid clear sheet for vacuum forming<br /> Display your finest products in these clear boxes.<br /> Eco-friendly, fashion, economic, moisture proof, transparent and exquisite.<br /> Small density, light weight, convenient to delivery.<br /> Any design can be made according to your requirements Packing PVC PVC Blister Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_eyn91519349553.jpg' /><br>PVC rigid sheet<br /> No deformation, reusable, good insulation, water proof.<br /> Thickness: 0.07mm 0.7mm<br /> Application: suitable for general vaccum forming, box folding, fruit tray, food packing and pharmaceutical packing.<br /> Packing: roll form or jumbo roll or sheet form on pallet. PVC Blister Sheet PVC Vacuum Forming <img src='productpic/ps_gz6n1519350859.jpg' /><br>PVC rigid sheet for food packing<br /> PVC sheet materials is a packing material manufactured by rolling with the characteristics of high luster, and good barrier resistance. The product is widely used as visual food, candy, chocolate packing.<br /> Thickness: 0.10mm~ 0.7mm<br /> Application: suitable for general vacuum forming, fruit tray, food packing and pharmaceutical packing.<br /> Packing: Roll form or jumbo roll or sheet form on pallet. PVC Vacuum Forming PVC Opaque Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_x01519350946.JPG' /><br>PVC Opaque Rigid sheet<br /> Thickness: 0.10mm~ 0.7mmHigh bright surface luminance.<br /> Smooth surface, uniform thickness.<br /> Fireproof, UV, anti-static is optional.<br /> Can easily be thermoformed, printed, and folded Material for Vacuum-forming package.<br /> Application: suitable for general vacuum forming, fruit tray, food packing, and stationery.<br /> <br /> PVC Opaque Sheet PVC Rigid Sheet For Cards <img src='productpic/ps_hyv11519351369.JPG' /><br>PVC rigid sheet for cards<br /> Popular size: 0.35mm <br /> Packing: sheet form on pallet<br /> Feature: smooth surface, uniform thickness.<br /> Application: for credit card, cash card and membership card<br /> Special size and colors according to the customers' request. PVC Rigid Sheet For Cards PVC Rigid Sheet For Divider <img src='productpic/ps_jbco1519352949.JPG' /><br>PVC Rigid sheet for divider<br /> Smooth surface<br /> Popular size: 0.20mm, 0.25mm and 0.30mm <br /> Packing: sheet form on pallet<br /> Application: stationery, Divider<br /> Colors: pure white, black, red, green, yellow, blue also as per our customer’s requirement PVC Rigid Sheet For Divider Material PEPA <img src='productpic/ps_ahl81519353310.jpg' /><br>PEVA Sheet (non- PVC)<br /> Environmental friendly plastic material.&nbsp; Non- PVC items<br /> Application: For pram cover, for baby bib, nursery use (non-toxic), dust prevent, shower curtain/tablecloth.<br /> Thickness: 0.030mm-1.8mm<br /> Width: 85cm- 220cm<br /> Color: As per buyer's request<br /> Processing: HF welding or heat sealing<span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> Material PEPA Cold Foil <img src='productpic/ps_q6a1519353426.jpg' /><br>Cold foil for graphic<br /> Be applicable to kinds of paper, plastic, textile etc.<br /> Over printable<br /> Suit to fine detail, medium coverage<br /> Very high glossy<br /> Fine definition and easy release<br /> High productivity<br /> Single-sided printing, single-color printing, double-color printing, multicolor printing.<br /> Popular size: 0.012mm x 1280mm x 3000M or 6000M/roll Cold Foil Cold Stamping <img src='productpic/ps_xzr21519353682.jpg' /><br>Cold foil for graphic<br /> Our special cold stamping foil are used to stamp various markings onto product packaging by means of a coding device. Our foil gives high lusture and shining on the fabric. It can be manufactured in different tones and sizes as per requirement.<br /> Popular size: 0.012mm x 1280mm x 3000M or 6000M/roll Cold Stamping Hot Foil Printing <img src='productpic/ps_eajj1519364639.jpg' /><br>Hot stamping foil for plastic<br /> We have a variety of colored foils effective for transfer printing, decorations, packaging, lamination and many other uses. The colors of foil can be made as per requirement on quantity basis. The luster and shining of the foil gives an extraordinary look to the product.<br /> Popular size: 0.012mm/ 0.023mm<br /> Popular width: 640mm &amp; 1280mm<br /> Packing: 6,000M or 3,000M/roll or 120M/roll (for 640mm only) Hot Foil Printing Hot Stamp Foil Printing <img src='productpic/ps_mprd1519365231.jpg' /><br>Hot stamping foil for plastic<br /> Hot Stamping Foil is a type of film for creating a decorated sheet which has been widely used on packages and prints to enhance the visual appeal by giving a sense of prestige, luxury and elegance. Based on customer’s needs, hot stamping foil color can be various, such as blue, red, green or more, but majors in gold and silver. Hot Stamp Foil Printing Hot Stamping Plastic <img src='productpic/ps_76h91519365239.jpg' /><br>Hot stamping foil for graphic<br /> A simple pattern can look instantly impressive with a dash of stamping foil, and a golden sheen has the magical ability to make somebody choose one product over another, based on the packaging design alone. Up the luxe factor of bottle, labels and stickers, the labels look particularly opulent.<span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> Hot Stamping Plastic Holographic Foil Printing <img src='productpic/ps_lfi21519364815.JPG' /><br>Hot stamping foil for graphic<br /> The foiling process doesn’t use real gold leaf (save in exceptional, and very expensive, circumstances). Metallic foils are now made of aluminum or tin, and are combined with a color layer to produce the desired effect. Also, both side of the card or multiple colors are available on the same side. Adding foiling to brochures, catalogs, book covers make your offering seem instantly more aspirational and enticing. Holographic Foil Printing Foil Stamping Printing <img src='productpic/ps_nmr61519365370.jpg' /><br>Hot stamping foil for graphic<br /> They are used to give more tactile shine rather than color to a design, and are a pretty, subtle choice for elegant stationery like invitations, business cards, Promotional materials, letterheads, envelopes etc. It makes your products seem more upscale. Foil Stamping Printing Hot Stamping Foil Rolls <img src='productpic/ps_0met1519365421.JPG' /><br>Hot stamping foil<br /> Available in many different color, such as, glossy gold, matte gold, glossy silver, matte silver, red, blue, sky blue, green, pink, purple and more.<br /> Widely used in the packing, stationery, book cover, cosmetic box, greeting card, post cards, graphic, food packing, the Christmas gift, the industrial art, the festal handicraft and so on Hot Stamping Foil Rolls Holographic Hot Stamping Foil <img src='productpic/ps_mkq1519365849.jpg' /><br>Hot stamping foil<br /> Suitable for stamping a variety of gift boxes, food packaging, alcohol and tobacco packaging, labels, red envelopes, couplets, holiday greeting Cards, invitation cards, festive supplies, calendars, writing Binding logo, trademark, cosmetic lids, bag, tray, as well as stationery.<span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> Holographic Hot Stamping Foil Hot Stamping For Tablecloth <img src='productpic/ps_awdc1519365919.jpg' /><br>Hot stamping for tablecloth<br /> Our hot stamping foil is mainly used on PVC tablecloth<br /> Multi colors,such as gold,silver,red,purple etc.<br /> High metallic gloss. Hot Stamping For Tablecloth Rainbow Plastic Film <img src='productpic/ps_wwkm1519366154.jpg' /><br>Rainbow Film<br /> Rainbow plastic film with dazzling visual effect is widely applied for packing and decorative. Rainbow Film creates the distinct color display no matter used individually or combined with substrates-paper, plastic sheet, cloth or non-woven for gift packing or decorative products.<br /> <br /> <img src=" " width="650px" /><br /> Rainbow Plastic Film Rainbow Holographic Film <img src='productpic/ps_iicd1519366245.jpg' /><br>Rainbow Film<br /> Rainbow Firm is a brilliant display of color without the use of pigments or dyes.<br /> It is a completely new and unique series of decorative plastic film. <br /> <br /> The flexible, transparent Rainbow film is less than 20 micron, but contains more than 120 layers of different polymers.<br /> These layers separate into the colors of the spectrum when light is reflected from the film.<br /> The effect is similar to a soap bubble or thin floating oil on water.<br /> The observed colors vary as any change of the angle.<br /> Rainbow film, therefore achieve a wide variety of color and visual effects.<br /> Such colors can also look like mother-of pearl, opals and peacock feathers. <br /> <br /> Rainbow Film creates the distinct color display no matter used individually or combined with substrates. <br /> Rainbow film is unique material for decorative appeal.<br /> <br /> Rainbow Film Application<br /> <img src=" " width="670px" /><br /> Rainbow Holographic Film Multilayer Film <img src='productpic/ps_kgur1519366302.jpg' /><br>Used for:<br /> Gift box and packages, gift-wrapping paper<br /> Food and beverage<br /> Cigarette packets<br /> Cosmetics and personal-care items<br /> Toothpaste boxes, wine, tea and medicine boxes<br /> The industrial art, the festal handicraft<br /> Fireworks packaging<br /> Bags, clothes, shoes<br /> Books, paintings, calendars, cards, and other cultural fields<br /> Glitter market<br /> Self-adhesive market<br /> Others Multilayer Film Multi Layer Films <img src='productpic/ps_1nfq1519366814.jpg' /><br>Rainbow Film<br /> Our rainbow film are kept an eye on various parameters to guarantee its sturdiness and quality. It has been widely used on paper, plastic, leather, fabric, glass or other material. These rainbow film are accessible in variegated sizes to meet the differed needs of our clients. Multi Layer Films Neo-Iris Film <img src='productpic/ps_99s41519366519.jpg' /><br>NeoIris Film<br /> NeoIris which is an outstanding and updated decorative plastic film continues providing the optical and visual effects same as Rainbow Film (Iridescent).<br /> Without using any Dyes and Pigments, it's transparent and still holds the distinction of color display, yet it offers greater rigidity, higher tear resistance and brighter gloss.<br /> <br /> In a variety of application fields, NeoIris brings the upgraded visual effects and is suitable for higher strength utilization. All possible applications are only limited by imagination.<br /> <br /> <img src=" " width="650px" /><br /> Neo-Iris Film Multi Layer Polymer Film <img src='productpic/ps_kiab1519366563.jpg' /><br>This neo-iris film is a kind of multi-layer polymer film with a polyester surface, which has a better effect than rainbow films. It may be used for various purposes, the same as rainbow films. It is ideal for a variety of decorative applications, such as packaging, gift wrapping and glitter. It is also an ideal way to make your product more attractive.<br /> <br /> <img src=" " width="670px" /><br /> Multi Layer Polymer Film Ornamental Balls Decoration <img src='productpic/ps_9h3e1519366658.jpg' /><br>Decorative ball<br /> Pattern: Solid Color<br /> Material: rainbow film<br /> Color: rainbow color<br /> Style: Honeycomb Ball<br /> Occasion: Mother's Day, Birthday Party, Party, House Moving, DIY Party, Color Party Decoration, Room and Shop window Grand Event Decoration..... Ornamental Balls Decoration Ornamental Balls Decoration <img src='productpic/ps_lfie1520391686.jpg' /><br>Decorative ball<br /> It's a material of PVC be metallized, mainly uses in festal situation's gift package, upholstering and etc., such as Christmas decoration or special festival decoration. PVC decoration ball also can be used in draw bench, garland, bead piece, headgear and other clothes ornaments. Ornamental Balls Decoration Gift Wrap Ribbon <img src='productpic/ps_1as11519366904.jpg' /><br>Gifts wrap<br /> Make your gifts and decorations stand out from the rest with these gorgeous ribbons. Colorful ribbon and bows will add the finishing touches to any present, and can also be used for a variety of other projects including table decorations, decorative objects and more. Ideal for party and gift packaging, wedding car decoration, home decoration. Gift Wrap Ribbon PVC Packing Material <img src='productpic/ps_kgtk1519366944.jpg' /><br>Gift wrapping<br /> The Western emphasis on gift wrapping emerged in Europe and the United States during the Victorian age, when it became fashionable to enclose presents in pretty bows. This is an easy way to coordinate the gift with the colors is to wrap a beautiful material around the products. Wrapping an ordinary object is what transforms it into something extraordinary. PVC Packing Material Box Polypropylene <img src='productpic/ps_sgum1520213690.JPG' /><br>PP boxes<br /> Available in a variety of depths and widths, these stackable PP boxes every type of storage products. The modular boxes are deigned to work together in combinations or on their own. Just translucent enough to see what is inside, these plastic boxes are also easy to clean. Box Polypropylene PVC Box <img src='productpic/ps_4rlt1519367109.jpg' /><br>PVC box<br /> PVC Boxes are simple and classic to be given with your door gift goodies. You may personalize your boxes the way you wanted according to your theme and choices. We offers an array of shapes, styles and size to fit your products for all your event and party, even storage needs. All boxes comes flat and easy to fold. PVC Box Synthetic Leather Fabric <img src='productpic/ps_cs8d1520213706.jpg' /><br>Non woven leather for sofa<br /> Present in wide variety and color<br /> High strength, durable, non-slip, abrasion-resistant, anti-mildew, fire prevention, water proof, breathable<br /> Hardness is soft <br /> Material for luggage, sofa automobile, stationery, packing box<br /> Popular specification:&nbsp; 180G or 200G non-woven + 0.25mm PVC sheet, or Size as per customer's request Synthetic Leather Fabric PVC Synthetic Leather <img src='productpic/ps_1c501519367310.JPG' /><br>Printed non woven leather for mommy bag<br /> Suitable for Mommy bag, milk bottle bag.<br /> Hundreds designs available.<br /> Popular specification: 150G non woven + printed PVC sheet 0.15mm PVC Synthetic Leather Clear Polystyrene Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_1gnt1519367496.JPG' /><br>PS Crystal sheet<br /> PS Sheets are substitutes for acrylic or glass<br /> Mainly is for shower door, room partition, decorative compartment <br /> Thickness: minimum 1.5mm, maximum: 6mm<br /> Popular size: 122cm x 183cm, 122cm x 244cm Clear Polystyrene Sheet Polystyrene Clear Sheets <img src='productpic/ps_e02d1519368511.JPG' /><br>PS sheet<br /> PS Sheets are substitutes for acrylic or glass,<br /> with light weight, cheap price, low hygroscope, fantastic dyeing property, steady chemical property, excellent electricity insulativity, impact resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance, good transparency.<br /> Mainly is used for shower door, room partition, decorative compartment <br /> Thickness: minimum 1.5mm, maximum: 6mm<br /> Popular size: 122cm x 183cm, 122cm x 244cm Polystyrene Clear Sheets High Impact Polystyrene Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_frzs1519368604.JPG' /><br>PS sheet<br /> Applicable for sign board, light box, window, logo and mark, etc.<br /> Craft: organic craft, frame, mirror panel and etc. <br /> Furniture: office furniture, cabinet, window, etc.<br /> Finishing Material: decorative sheets, storage racks. High Impact Polystyrene Sheet High Impact Polystyrene Plastic Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_0bop1519368739.JPG' /><br>PS sheet<br /> Polystyrene is an economical, cost effective glazing and fabrication material. Safer and three times stronger than glass, light weight, easy handled and has good workability when cutting and drilling with hand tools. High Impact Polystyrene Plastic Sheet Polystyrene Plastic Sheets <img src='productpic/ps_s2s91519368793.JPG' /><br>Polystyrene pattern sheet<br /> PS Sheet is widely used for lampshade, shower, partition, or substitute for acrylic and glass.<br /> It is colourless, smeless, tasteless with light weight, steady chemical property, excellent electricity insulativity, impact resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance. Polystyrene Plastic Sheets Polystyrene Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_v7jw1520394029.jpg' /><br>PS sheet<br /> PS sheet Pattern no. PS528 good for shower partition.<br /> We have many different clean transparent or pattern option is available.<br /> We also provide cutting service and 100% new material. Polystyrene Sheet Clear Acrylic Sheets <img src='productpic/ps_uwl41519370312.jpg' /><br>Clear arylic sheet<br /> Clear arylic sheet is widely used for shelves and hangers like corner shelf or bathroom hangers. Clear Acrylic Sheets Transparent Acrylic Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_jyto1519370391.jpg' /><br>Cloth -Acrylic sheet<br /> Clear acrylic sheet can be formed as fruit bowl or various type of trays.<br /> <span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__">Good quality acrylic raw material, harmless, environment-friendly, transparent, moisture resistant and half the weight of glass but many times stronger.</span> Transparent Acrylic Sheet Colored Acrylic Sheets <img src='productpic/ps_btvm1519370445.jpg' /><br>Colored acrylic sheet-for bent chair<br /> Colored acrylic sheet can be applied for chair or various furniture.<br /> Thermoformable, lightweight and rigid, excellent optical properties, more impact resistant than glass.<br /> Application: supermarket, mall, shop, exhibition display and so on. Colored Acrylic Sheets Cloth Acrylic Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_3gj61519370515.jpg' /><br>Cloth - Acrylic sheet for bent chair<br /> Cloth - Acrylic sheet can be applied for bent chair or various furniture.<br /> Acrylic products is less than half the density of glass, and similar to that of other plastics. Acrylic is 17 times stronger than glass and other commonly used aquarium materials.<br /> Cloth Acrylic Sheet Acrylic Material <img src='productpic/ps_3h8e1519370679.jpg' /><br>Cloth - Acrylic sheet<br /> It is made of clear acrylic and has a freeform, fabric-like appearance.<br /> Cloth -Acrylic sheet can be applied for fruits bowl or various trays/furnitures<br /> Light weight, easy to clean, excellent weather fastness, anti-UV, yellowing-resistant, Non-toxicity, Environmental Protection. Acrylic Material Acrylic Mirror Tiles <img src='productpic/ps_1fpc1519370782.jpg' /><br>Acrylic mirror sheet<br /> Light in weight, Easy to Cut, Drill, Bend and Install, workable<br /> Half of the glass, high reflective, Shock Resistant<br /> Bright color, high brightness, various Colors Available for your special requirement.<br /> Muti-application in Interior design, displays, decorations, signboard, cosmetic mirror, toys, gifts, shop fronts, art, theatre and exhibition, indoor designer application, signage, dressing table, bathroom mirror, nightclubs and so on. Acrylic Mirror Tiles Reflective Mirror Sheets <img src='productpic/ps_cmm41519370872.JPG' /><br>Acrylic mirror sheet<br /> Light weight, can be stacked flat shared, saving the cost of shipping logistics can be counter-repeated use<br /> Acrylic mirror sheet is popular and widely used in advertising, signs, lighting, furniture, construction, aquarium, super market and other various industries.<span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> Reflective Mirror Sheets Tinted Acrylic Sheets <img src='productpic/ps_cmc11519371181.jpg' /><br>Can be easy processed (Cutting; Drilling)<br /> UV resistance, Scratch resistance, Water resistance are optional.<br /> Excellent insulation properties, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment.<br /> Acrylic mirror sheet often used in retail display and special lighting.<span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> Tinted Acrylic Sheets Acrylic Plastic Mirror Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_jkhn1519371015.JPG' /><br>Acrylic Mirror Sheet<br /> Strong surface hardness and good weather resisting property.<br /> Scratch-resistant coating available<br /> Features the industry's toughest protective back coating.<br /> Shatter resistant<br /> These safe acrylic mirrors encourage little ones to entertain themselves while developing visual perception. Acrylic Plastic Mirror Sheet Double Sided Acrylic Mirror Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_7o571519371305.jpg' /><br>Double Sided Acrylic Mirror Sheet<br /> Excellent transparency and excellent electrical insulation<br /> Have to light weight, high transparency<br /> Fine mechanical performance<br /> Able to bear chemical corrosion, stable and durable<br /> Easy to clean, easy to process, easy to maintain<br /> The dual surface reflection property is ideal for those applications where the back of standard acrylic mirror would be exposed, or where a reflection in both directions is desired. Double Sided Acrylic Mirror Sheet Hard Coated Acrylic Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_xloe1519371328.jpg' /><br>Hard Coated Acrylic Mirror Sheet<br /> Our hard coated acrylic sheet feature shard-coating surface and applies to building material such as furniture, closet, and even clapboard. The surface of the acrylic sheet is processed to prevent scratch by hard coating. We promote the hardness to prevent from the scratch in the surface and keep the sheet clear and lightful. Hard Coated Acrylic Sheet Hard Coated Acrylic Mirror Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_qokn1519371334.jpg' /><br>Highly glossy, easy clean, easy to mould, no-toxic acrylic sheet, Bright, insulated, chemical durability, anti-bump, easily processed, a virulence, anti-wallop, recycled, bring to environment friendly<br /> Can applications to doors, windows, skylight, lighting for corridors, balcony, passages and subway entries, walkways, DIY awning, canopy or lights covers, and industrial roofing and glazing. Hard Coated Acrylic Mirror Sheet Synthetic Labels <img src='productpic/ps_w7aa1519371557.jpg' /><br>PEPA for wrap around label<br /> Water-resistant, foldable, non-tear up, durability<br /> Presswork folding, embossing, punching, extensive applications<br /> High-print resolution, good ink-dried ability<br /> Applications: calendar, photo, poster, advertisement, maps, sticker, polybag, flag, catalog, magazine, photo album baggage claim tag, baggage label, brand card, packing paper, handbags<span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> Synthetic Labels Synthetic Sticker Paper <img src='productpic/ps_01bd1519371604.jpg' /><br>PEPA for pressure sensitive label<br /> wet-glue labels. Whether a straight, clean No-Label-Look or a more traditional paper look and feel <br /> Combined with their exceptional performance from application to consumption these labels are real all-rounders.<br /> Good stiffness and sliding properties, and its automatic labeling is smooth.<span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> Synthetic Sticker Paper PEPA Paper <img src='productpic/ps_8ks71519371641.jpg' /><br>PEPA for poster<br /> Excellent whiteness and opaqueness, as well as printability.<br /> Good printing brightness and resolution ratio with a unique effect.<br /> Possess excellent product features with better performance of waterproof, foldability, non-tear up, durability, in comparison with general papers <br /> Possess smoothly processing feature <br /> Good Ink-dried ability PEPA Paper PEPA Shopping Bag <img src='productpic/ps_vxat1519371683.jpg' /><br>PEPA for shopping bag<br /> Made of high quality material and features a colorful design on the side. <br /> Provides with excellent printability high print resolution,<br /> Color according to the demands of printing.<br /> Excellent moisture proof and long term use <br /> Good quality for making reusable shopping bag.<br /> Variety of size can be choose<br /> Used for high-end gifts to show values PEPA Shopping Bag Synthetic Paper <img src='productpic/ps_fzar1519371736.jpg' /><br>PEPA for commercial print<br /> Print brilliantly with resolution and easy to print.<br /> Waterproof, durable and no-tear up. Suitable for outdoor-use and long-term preservation.<br /> Light weight with good stiffness.<br /> Good ink -drying ability.<br /> Use common skinning inks. Synthetic Paper PEPA Packing <img src='productpic/ps_fc9f1519371926.jpg' /><br>PEPA for packing<br /> Excellent printing quality, fast ink drying, durable, scratch resistant and high-brightness ink for product appearances.<br /> Excellent printing and moisture proof effect for use of delicate packaging.<br /> Excellent thermal sealing effect for high color purity and color depth of finished products.<br /> <br /> PEPA Packing Release Liner <img src='productpic/ps_frj91519371853.jpg' /><br>Dust-free, has low static electricity, and is scratch-resistant on the surface.<br /> May be used for double side coated release liner<br /> High quality, good whiteness and opacity.<br /> Waterproof and tear resistant.<br /> High gloss after coating release agent<span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> Release Liner